Regis - GPS control system

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Regis - GPS control system

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System objectives

Saving on fuel

System is constantly measuring amount of fuel
in tank, which allows to see refills and discharges
as well as average fuel consumption for the trip.

Rapid management

Online system can show location,
vector of movement, speed and amount of fuel
in tank inside country and overseas.

System objectives GPS control system

Reporting and statistics

System allows to generate reports for any
period and track statistics
for any vehicle

Assistance for

System allows to provide temporary
access to statistics of any vehicle

Lifetime warranty

Lifetime warranty

All the repairs as well as reinstallation of the system are included in fee and are available for all contract duration

Quality of equipment

Quality of equipment

Equipment was developed taking in account our 8-years’ experience in similar systems

Friendly support service

Friendly support service

Provided with engineer with 7 years’ experience in working with client

Easy user interface

Easy user interface

Works on any mobile device, connected to internet and is user-friendly for unexperienced users

Established client warranty service

Established client warranty service

In case of failure by any reason client receives replacement in 2 days after leaving request, or in case of small distance we send a repairman. Monthly fee is charged every 5th day of the month, following reporting month



The best price/quality ratio, free testing and deferral payments are available upon request


GPS/GSM terminal

Collects data from sputniks (coordinates)and fuel gauges, processes and sends it to the main service using mobile operator internet connection. Accuracy of coordinates detection – 5 to 20 meters

Client software

Allows to receive data about location, route, speed, fuel and generate reports for any period of time


Digital high-precision censor

Constantly measures level of fuel in tank and sends data to the terminal. Preciseness – 1% of tank capacity. Can identify discharges from 2 liters. Does not require tank calibration.

Main server

Receives, processes and stores data from GPS/GSM terminal and sends to client via client software.